Beeswax wraps

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The Farm Shop
Bin Inn Dinsdale
The Village Farm Shop

From $5.00 (incl GST)



The sustainable alternative to plastic food wrap. Made from 100% cotton and beeswax, and in fun colours and patterns, beeswax wraps can be used over and over for many months. Wash them in cold water and keep them away from raw meat and hot things. They come in four sizes, plus our favourite, the lunchbox wrap.

Small beeswax wrap 180mm x 180mm
Ideal for wrapping small items such as half an avocado, or crackers for a lunchbox.

Medium beeswax wrap 270mm x 270mm
Great for over a pudding bowl (as if anyone ever has pudding left over!) or other medium-sized bowl.

Large beeswax wrap 330mm x 330mm
Ideal for a larger bowl, such as a salad bowl or lasagne/casserole dish (once cooled).

Extra large beeswax wrap 330mm x 400mm
Perfect for a 1kg block of cheese.

Lunchbox wrap 270mm x 270mm
Our personal favourite for zero waste lunch boxes. The same size as a medium beeswax wrap but with a nifty button and string device that allows you to wrap your sandwich, filled roll or sushi roll firmly and secure it so it doesn’t come apart in the lunchbox. Really cool kids patterns (and great for adults too!)